Marriage of a Thousand Lies by SJ Sindu

So many friends write poems, chapters, novellas. I’ve decided my daily exercise for May will be to mention some exceptional authors I’ve read in the past few years. They are unlikely to be mentioned in online groups, where the same names come up over and over. Many of those authors deserve the shout-out, but so do other authors who venture beyond the happily ever afters in a variety of genres.

NOTE: Because I am an editor for Bywater Books, I will concentrate at first on authors who are self-published/independents or with other publishers. That said, Bywater’s authors are outstanding, and you should read them. 

SJ Sindu

SJ Sindu photo

First up is a book I read for the Publishing Triangle’s Edmund White Debut Fiction award. SJ Sindu won for her novel Marriage of a Thousand Lies. Here is the description of the novel (thank you, Philip Hooser):

“Lakshmi, the narrator of S J Sindu’s Marriage of a Thousand Lies, seems the very embodiment of “Intersectionality.” A Sri Lankan-American who goes by “Lucky,” she’s a lesbian in a heterosexual marriage to her gay best friend. She spools out relaxed, conversational prose that occasionally leaps into poetic imagery until Lucky’s intersections turn into crossroads, pulling her in opposite directions between a free and honest life and her conservative family’s expectations. As situations tighten around her, Lucky’s voice becomes denser, as if choking on the words that tell her story. It is a love story, but more than a love story. Sindhu tells a story about why we love, what it means to love, and how complex love can be told in a fascinating, fresh voice.”

This story is refreshingly different and is likely to linger long after you read the last page. Author website


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Elizabeth Andersen considers it a great triumph that despite two degrees in English literature, she has been able to live by, for, and with words her entire career. She has taught English composition at three universities, including Rockhurst University. As an editor at Andrews McMeel Publishing on the syndicate side from 1984 to 2001, Elizabeth edited newspaper columns and comic strips. She is currently an editor/proofreader for Bywater Books. Besides being on the production team for Kansas City's LGBT Film Festival "Out Here Now," she is on crew for the National Women's Music Festival. She hosts the Sandra Moran Radio Book Club every second Saturday of The Tenth Voice on KKFI 90.1 FM.
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  1. Thanks for introducing me to different authors!

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