Gay Zoo Day by Mike McClelland

In online lesfic groups I see women proclaim that they will read only books by lesbians about lesbians, preferably romances, and they must have a happy ending. I have no problem with that except that anyone who has more eclectic tastes, and who appreciates books that reflect the complexities of life, is sometimes excoriated and derided.

Well, guess what? I shall dare to eat a peach. I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach. I shall read a book written by a GBTQ or straight author with (gasp!) gay or bi, trans or straight characters. If that makes me a bad lesbian, then … #proudbadlesbian

And so today’s book recommendation is “Gay Zoo Day: Tales of Seeking and Discovery” by Mike McClelland (Beautiful Dreamer Press). My favorite story is set in the near future aboard the International Space Station when a blond Russian’s iciness starts to melt toward a newcomer. The details of daily living combined with the flirtation in space added up to a romantic tale.

Gay Zoo Day

At the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in March, Louis Flint Ceci read from another story about a pilot who hooks up with a cowboy in Panama, displeasing a volatile landlord. Other stories span the globe and encompass a variety of protagonists, all gay, all searching for answers.

:”The stories are all over the place physically, in time values, and in extremes of human behavior. And every one of them is a success.” — Grady Harp

Mike McClelland

Mike McClelland

Previous recommendations:  Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s A Thin Bright Line and SJ Sindu’s Marriage of a Thousand Lies


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Elizabeth Andersen considers it a great triumph that despite two degrees in English literature, she has been able to live by, for, and with words her entire career. She has taught English composition at three universities, including Rockhurst University. As an editor at Andrews McMeel Publishing on the syndicate side from 1984 to 2001, Elizabeth edited newspaper columns and comic strips. She is currently an editor/proofreader for Bywater Books. Besides being on the production team for Kansas City's LGBT Film Festival "Out Here Now," she is on crew for the National Women's Music Festival. She hosts the Sandra Moran Radio Book Club every second Saturday of The Tenth Voice on KKFI 90.1 FM.
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