The Gay Revolution by Lillian Faderman

The worst-laid plans … often go awry. I will quite obviously not be recommending a book a day. As to how often during this merry month of May I will offer up a book, we shall see. Today’s book is “The Gay Revolution” by renowned scholar and author Lillian Faderman, published by Simon & Schuster.


Lillian was on the Sandra Moran Radio Book Club during Women’s History Month on March 10 with Lynn Ames, Cheryl Pletcher, and me. I believe the podcast is well worth listening to because the panelists were outstanding. We all agreed that despite setbacks, the inexorable movement forward of the LGBTQ community is encouraging for all of us in these threatening times.

The impeccable research that went into this 832-page book makes it an invaluable resource. From the 1950s to now, the author tracks the events, organizations, and figures who made a difference. The struggles for civil rights and equality are inspiring. Don’t let the page count scare you off because this nonfiction book is not a dry recitation of facts. It is clear and perfectly readable. The endnotes alone are worth the price of admission.

“Faderman’s immense cultural history will give today’s LGBTQ activists both a profound appreciation of their forebears and the motivation to carry the struggle forward.” — Publishers Weekly


About elizandersen

Elizabeth Andersen considers it a great triumph that despite two degrees in English literature, she has been able to live by, for, and with words her entire career. She has taught English composition at three universities, including Rockhurst University. As an editor at Andrews McMeel Publishing on the syndicate side from 1984 to 2001, Elizabeth edited newspaper columns and comic strips. She is currently an editor/proofreader for Bywater Books. Besides being on the production team for Kansas City's LGBT Film Festival "Out Here Now," she is on crew for the National Women's Music Festival. She hosts the Sandra Moran Radio Book Club every second Saturday of The Tenth Voice on KKFI 90.1 FM.
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